Life inside a life

Life Inside a Life

And creatures will fall, they’ll moan & cry

All that moment lives in tiny another try

Perhaps it blinks when we talk with ourselves with doing nothing; look through a blur and shining fissure by standing as a sole, wonder with hope. Wish for the drop of rain that fills our shingly heart with highest level of glee or sweet disturbance or may be between that…

I was checking my blog for last one year almost and wrote nothing… watching my words are inhaling through so many eyes… as if I said words of our hearts…there was no me over here…it was us…what made me delighted is my absence did not make those words out of visitors or words of appreciation. It means we like to hope, we still want to make things better, we like to follow our dreams, we like to taste the sweetest part of life….

I was traveling for so long…with my borrowed broken camera in hand and notebook in pocket…trying to be as little I could be, in a sense of human, with pride of no man. I was searching for nothing to make me satisfied or bring me a mountain of success. I preferred to be people, walk along with the crowd, try not be choosy, not to complain, be with everyone to be with me…Life is different everywhere, that’s why all the different things bring me to the same idea.

Over the Hills & Far Away

I was on the road,

On the street of unknown villagers,

I stepped with naked feet on the mud, a sound of it…

Even I closed my eyes when wind and dust were playing,

I saw the children were singing on the lap of life,

I smelled the poor lunch of a farmer,

His eyes were smiling to his wife while he was eating,

Their love was greener than the field I ran yesterday,

I ran from the rain to save my backpack,

& I was smiling over & over again,

I grasped at the broken country road which still reaches the sky,

Far…Far away….

I saw my face on the water, it was moving

I discovered the thin line that lies between green and blue,

I heard how the night sounds, it’s not so silent

I sat on an unknown vehicle where 3 men shared 2 men’s seat

I heard its roar, the engine was visible

I noticed the strangers were laughing,

I learnt to make friends from strangers, it’s so easy

I was distorted with the beauty I can’t inhale

I cried for the tiny bird, it fell from the tree

We could not save her life

I told many jokes, they were erotic

I saw them to laugh a loud

I left myself, & became them

& they became me…

I was on the road…

It was life inside a life…

No Direction Home

The best part of living is when you are on the road…with “NO DIRECTION HOME
It gives you the beauty of vision, smell of being lost, shadow of your life, color of your smile, sad inability of holding things, happiness of leaving behind, truth of your light and song of your innocence…

Country, People, family, Friends, lovers, ever known streets, known shopkeepers, almost same faces everyday, walking in the colorful crowd, unknown smiling faces…. is life. All these things scheduled with time which can be another name of life.

The Folklore

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Studio de Śami

“Prefer Living, not surviving”

Thank you.

50th Anniversary de Alliance Françsise

50th Anniversary of alliace Francaise

Got a chance to be a guest of her 50th Birthday…50th anniversary of Alliance Française … still I can remember, I was so exited that glancing out the invitation card again and again as I’m a child who’s checking his new toy…

When I reached there, it was dawn time, again my most favorite time of a day. Entered and smiled, Rose garden, it was the place they had chosen, again I couldn’t find where am I, it was a palace that anyone of this country won’t believe that is in Bangladesh. I just don’t know how she creates such environment like you’ll get in fantasy in 2-3 second of difference. A big beautiful palace, red carpet, green lawn, Greek sculptures(seems more like that), live instrumentals, so many glowing glad faces, May Queen, Alliance Française… Hardly had I known 3-4 persons there and they were the administration personnel, but I didn’t feel lonely. I was walking and seeing how they were swinging in joy with the instrumental rhythms,

The rose garden

Rose garden Dhaka, Photography By:Samiul Alam

Saw our Director Mam Saliha Lefevre, wearing rose-red saari. Especially as a Bangladeshi, It really grants honor see a French lady in Bangladeshi costume. I was thinking about her principle of choice that how she familiarized with us… with the Bangladeshis…

There was our Information minister Abul Kalam Azad who was the chief guest of the programme, also attended by French ambassador Charley Causeret, the Foundation Alliance Francaise secretary general Jean-Claude Jacq and Alliance Francaise de Dhaka president Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury… I was feeling very tiny over there to see so many honorable guests and expensive cars. But the smile of an unknown French lady that meant to me, didn’t allow my heart to feel that tiny…

The French photographer

After instrumental there was a cultural dance performed that I really enjoyed. The drinks and French dinners were serving frequently… sad but true, I was really so busy in viewing environs that I couldn’t really focus on the foods. I was wondering to see, everyone was so happy…so glad to see each other. They were talking, smiling… laughing… I couldn’t find anything artificial in the way they were socialized there. How wonderful!!

After the sunset it was a mass surprise there, when the French troupe Les Quidams began their unconventional performance. I heard the name of that particular perform was first-ever Herbert’s dream… it started with a suspicious intense music when I saw four white attire covered tall humans are coming closer. They were designed at least 10 feet tall… when they were walking in the crowd; among the music it was looking like they are walking though a long sunny desert… I felt my eyes are also filled with sand… suddenly they started to search something… the audience were also very curious to find what they are finding…lolz… sometimes they were talking with each other without any sound which was so dramatic, sometimes they were blowing themselves… with the music it was so alive… It took more attention when they turned into a big blown shape… WOW…

The walking troupe

Believe me, that performance took 100% attention of 100% audience…

And after that we lost into sea… there was a big balloon wrapped in the lawn, they went there and… I really amazed that they made a jelly fish which was going up and suddenly falling down… amazing!!!

The jelly Fish

And after that they gave the big ball shape balloon to the people and left the lawn… I saw each and every person was looking to them till the last second of their visibility on the lawn… Yes…It was a dream… cause here, dreams and reality stands together…

I saw everyone was standing together by touching shoulders…hands… in the pigment of light, it was looking like a small pond of joy with so many multicolored fishes… all of them were smiling, laughing…as if they left all the pains and sorrows of life…standing somewhere in a corner of the party, someone’s smiling too…He was smiling cause he learned to smile…that really means to smile… and that someone was ‘Me’

I took I more glance and left the palace as it was over…

I didn’t take any bus or taxi as I was really feeling good to walk on down the road, burned a cigarette in between my fingers, and my tall shadow was walking with me, it was looking really wonderful in the sodium light… my lips started to whistle very calmly and my eyes looked to the horizon….

I wasn’t thinking it’s a new experience in my l life, but it was a message to me. If you ask me “If you get a chance to exchange your city with anywhere in this world, what will be that place?” I would answer “Paris” before finishing your question. I know, The answer was straight enough. But that day my answer got changed. Now I would answer “This world is like our mother’s heart, whichever part you go; at last it’ll be full of love”. Though the answer is a bit comprehensive then the pervious one but it’s complete. Everywhere in this world is beautiful, but its own way. Just we need the eyes to see, heart to feel and sense to smile…


Sourire, The Best French word