Dune,feeling of intrigue, sophistication and sensuality…

Once Again I’m back with Dior,


A feeling of intrigue, sophistication and sensuality…

symbolizes escape into the world of dreams where only peace resides; it’s a place where sun kisses the sea, rays of light gently caresses the skin and twinkle in the warm sand while the tinkling ocean breeze brings flowery wafts peony and lily.

Not so long, Dune was launched in 1991.

Christian Dior Dune EDP

Christian Dior Dune EDP

The flavor of the Dune is a sweet fig, which is very unusual and enticing aroma that provides an aura of mystery and intrigue. Christian Dior Dune is classified as a sharp floral fragrance. It contains a delicious boutique of wallflowers and rich dark amber. There is also a hint of rosary and has an intricate warmth and delicious appeal.

Christian Dior Dune also contains the aromas of sweet and delicious peonies that will remind you of the joy and happiness of strolling along a pristine white sand beach along. The fragrance is serene and enticing and will bring you a sense of peace and relaxation. Other flavors that are found in the perfume are bergamot, mandarin, wallflower, broom, lily, rose, lichen, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla.

When I was browsing thorough the review I got one sweet comment- “This is a perfume that is supposed to either contain pheromones or interact or activate them (the scent). Every time I wear this perfume, my boyfriend goes crazy and continuously asks what I am wearing that is driving him”