Let’s not find the way… let the way find us ;)

Someone said she saw me… swinging the world by the tail…Bouncing over a white cloud… I didn’t say anything to her; just put a smile by truing my lips a little bit left side that seemed very mysterious to her. lolz…

No!! Now I don’t like to make confusions in people’s most valuable minds… there’s a language of nature, and most strange thing is our mother earth has different languages to talk with the each and every entity of her children… it can be the trees, can be the mountains, or waters, or birds, or us… human beings… not THE human beings

So why don’t we express ourselves in such a way that we won’t need 500 walking miles or any magic globes to enter our hearts… lets just think we are creatures like everything,

May Be, You are thinking what the HELL is this guy talking about??? Or may be not!!

I’m not trying to say “believe me, this HELL is gonna take you to Heaven” But I’m willing to say “Just think for 5 minutes rather than walking 500 miles”