Last for now but not for long…

Often I remember a memory of my childhood, sometimes after dinner I used to sit on chair of our veranda with some fruits. We lived in a staff quarter in that time. The veranda was open as there were no metal grills like today. I used to sit there, take the fruits and see the open sky above and think so many strange things. Sometimes, my mom used to sit there by taking me on her. Often I asked a question “Mom… Has anybody ever visited moon?”

She used to answer, “Yes, some American guys did”

Then I used to say “ Ok! Then I won’t go there. Has anybody ever visited stars?”

She used to reply “Nop, till now nobody could”

Then I used to smile and say “I’ll visit the starts when I’ll be grown up and I’ll bring one for you”

My mom used to laugh and say “Why my son has to go there, my baby itself a Star, shinier than those”

How stupid I was, I used to tell this to my school friends that I’m a shinier star than those stars they see at the night sky. This is something that I often remember and smile. But till now, somehow my childish mind believes those words and inspires like anything.

It was a wonderful journey till today, it’s not always important to take life as a race. Because if it’s a race, I have to run, and if I run than I can lose so many things that I could get by walking. Someone said “Always try to take the pleasure from small moments, after someday just look back, you’ll find them bigger”… Yes!! It’s true, if I try to win something I’ve to know how to defeat others. But if I try to achieve something I’ve to be passionate about that….

This blog was made for a particular achievement… but you know what?? Already I’ve achieved something that exceeds the power of everything.

Achieved the ability to express

Achieved the way to explore

Achieved the eyes to see the world

Achieved the mirror to show the world

Achieved the words to respect

Achieved the heart to achieve respect

Achieved the smile to appreciate

Achieved the humble to be appreciated

Achieved the truth to love humanity

Achieved the vote to be in humanity

Achieved the love of friends who made my existence

Achieved the way to thank those friends for making my existence

Yes!! I Achieved…

Achieved my Existence….

Achieved my meaning…

Achieved my Love…

Achieved me…

I’m just a little shiny star for my mother…

And a seed for the world that just broke the ground and wondering so meet the nature…

I’ll finish for now with last 4 lines

“Sky makes me feel sometimes,

I didn’t have to grow,

As the eagle leaves the nest,

It got so far to go!!”

Jingle, words for you…


If we try to express something we need others to make us realize that they are truly realizing. Yes, they are here. With us!!

And may be, this is the pathway to becoming ‘we’ from ‘I’.

Today it’s my day to give someone thanks with my words, though I did it from my essence the day s/he gave me the gift. Or you may say an award. I often say this blogging is very much particular for me, cause the mission somehow relates to earning my dream with my own effort… this is the shadow of my soul… or the way I truly feel…

Jingle, a moral friend of mine whom I’ve never seen… Someone who keeps mystery to us about his/her gender… someone who writes breathing poems from somewhere of United States… someone who likes adventures, humors, and surprises…. And someone who likes to make realize his/her friends that how special they are… Woke up on that morning and I was having my coffee… signed in my wordpress to see the updates… suddenly I realized someone made my day and marked his/her name in somewhere in my soul… His/her comment was-

“In March 16, 2010 at 5:04 am,

Ji said,

An award for you in my blog, You are the best!”

He/She visited and commented my blog several times… & I knew he/she visits huge blogs and gives them awards with a truly fair judgement… but didn’t know that I’m gonna be in that list cause I’m less than a child to bloggers like them… I don’t know whether the mission of my blogging is going to be completed or not. But this honor from an unknown friend who doesn’t have any profit towards me… is obviously eternal to me…

Thank you Jingle…

A big thanks from my heart…

This post is for you…

Dedicated to you …

And written on you…

The people who are reading this post I would like you to visit jingle-